Introducing elegant strand’s mattress


Find your best night’s sleep at the intersection of Italian artisanship and cutting-edge science.


100 night risk free trial

Return any item within 100 days of delivery for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

10 year limited warranty

Our 10-Year-Warranty covers any manufacturers defects with full replacement or repair from the date of purchase.

White glove delivery and removal

Easy and efficient delivery, mattress set-up and removal of your old mattress, all for free!

made in italy

Our Italian artisans are known exquisite craftsmanship. This creates exceptionally comfortable bedding.

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Redefining marketplace excellence.

The mattress industry is full of products that over-promise and under-deliver. At Elegant Strand, we under-promise and over-deliver in our continual quest to redefine excellence and exceed your expectations.



our elegant solution for the design of a perfect mattress.

The right mattress makes sleep a dream! Offering unrivaled comfort, our Perfetto mattress is crafted by Italian artisans and features exquisite craftsmanship.

The highest quality.

Many mattress are constructed out of inferior foams with poor quality and bad designs. In our quest to offer the perfect mattress, we searched for the highest quality materials, designs and techniques.

Science matters.

The mattress industry is riddled with gimmicks, questionable claims and false promises. But all of our mattresses are meticulously tested by independent labs to verify our superiority claims.

15” in height

Six layers of outstanding support and unrivaled quality, our mattresses are more plush than inferior products.

Zoned support

Exceptional design provides cushioning and contouring to cradle your body for the ultimate sleep experience.

Extensive air flow

Highly breathable memory foam makes for a blissful night’s sleep that’s not too hot or too cool. Six layers of premium foam: Breathable, supportive layers deliver ultimate comfort and outstanding support.

Sewn-in Topper

Hand sewn into each of our mattresses, this exquisite craftsmanship creates an exceptionally comfortable mattress.

Complete your bedroom

The perfect mattress deserves perfect sheets for the ultimate slumber. Browse the full line of Elegant Strand bedding products and add additional crisp, classic pieces to your cart. Complete your bedding collection with crisp sheets, a classic duvet and soft pillows…this luxury is perfect for the needs of every linen connoisseur.

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what people are saying about us

" Let me start by saying that the sheets I ordered arrived in beautiful box which would be great if you gave these as a gift! I will not be giving this set as a gift as I am in love with them! Super high end and comfortable sheets that feel luxurious against your skin. Super happy with this purchase and will be telling all my friends about them and referring them to my Interior Design Clients as well! "

Jaime Blomquist | LONG TIME CUSTOMER

what people are saying about us

"The 700 thread count St Tropez sheet set lives up to the hype! These sheets are certainly the best sheets I have ever slept in and I am beyond thrilled with this purchase. The sheets are soft, smooth, breathable and simply luxurious."

Nicky Monteiro Art Director

what people are saying about us

“The sheets are absolutely amazing! Getting a good night rest is heavily weighted on good sheets. Since I have been using them, I have been sleeping like a baby and find myself in a better mood the next day because of my restful night”..

-Lynette J - Editor at Gulfstream media

what people are saying about us

"Elegant Strand's luxurious bedding strikes the perfect balance between silky smooth and cool and crisp.You can't put a price on a good night's sleep; these sheets are priceless!"

-Steven Stolman - Author, Design Consultant

what people are saying about us

"The Perfect Medium: These sheets hit that ideal (and elusive) spot between soft and crisp. I find sateen and silky sheets too slippery and warm, but these are perfect. The embellishments are sleek and distinctive, but work well with the other bedding I own. (Even the packaging is lovely.) Plus, Elegant Strand, unlike so many other sheet producers, seems to have fully adapted to the new world of super-thick mattresses. Not only does the bottom sheet fit easily, the top sheet is extra wide so it can be tucked in, no matter how thick your mattress. I find these sheets to be as good, if not better, than sets I own by famous makers that cost far more. A great bargain and worth every cent!"

Michael Boodro, Executive Editor, Dering Hall

what people are saying about us

"They are so soft to sleep on. Love them."

Scott Sanders, Interior Designer

what people are saying about us

"My wife and I felt the sheets were soft to the touch and excellent quality.We could feel the elegance."

Tom Diverio, Interior Designer, Dunagan Diverio Design Group

what people are saying about us

"Elegant Strand is a luxury brand with superior artisanship. We love the feeling of the bedding, so soft to the touch and how elegant it looks."

Charlotte Dunagan, Interior Designer, Dunagan Diverio Design Group

what people are saying about us

"There’s an upscale level of craftsmanship and luxury to the brand. It’s the finest cotton bedding I have ever felt."

Gil Walsh, Interior Designer, Gil Walsh Interiors

what people are saying about us

"The loveliest sheet set!"

Jennifer Smith, Home Editor, LUXE Magazine

what people are saying about us

"When I received these beautiful sheets, I was very impressed by their style. Once I placed them on my bed, I found myself further impressed by the elegance and quality of the sheets. Attention to detail and style in the creation of them is apparent, and the feel of them is absolutely divine. Now I REALLY look forward to bedtime!"

Cyndi Hochberg, Publisher, Florida Home & Garden

what people are saying about us

"I recently received my Elegant Strands set of sheets and could not be more pleased with the product and service. The elegant packaging just made you feel that you were about to experience true luxury. That evening getting into bed I was in a state of pure tranquility and had the best night’s sleep. I now have to order more sets for all my bedrooms."

Shelley McCormick, Publisher, Design + Décor Magazine

what people are saying about us

"The sheets are absolutely amazing! Getting a good night rest is heavily weighted on good sheets. Since I have been using them, I have been sleeping like a baby and find myself in a better mood the next day because of my restful night"

Lynette Janac, CEO l Publisher, South Florida Luxury Guide

what people are saying about us

"I am very pleased with my new sheet set, Saint-Tropez. They are extremely soft and smooth for a great night sleep. I am very happy with the feel and quality."

Stephen Lazorischak, Publisher, Modern Luxury South Florida Magazine

what people are saying about us

"I love that Elegant Strand sheets are equal parts high quality and stylish. Crawling into bed at night feels like a little slice of heaven."

Kara Franker, Editor-in-Chief Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine

what people are saying about us

"Thank you for the beautiful sheet set. Love Elegant Strand!"

Brittany Chevalier, National Editor, LUXE Magazine

what people are saying about us

"The Saint-Tropez set is amazing! Super comfortable and simply stylish. I will definitely be getting a new set the next time I update my bedding design.”

Tyler Anderson, Client & Community Relations Coordinator, South Florida Luxury Network, South Florida Luxury Guide


How will I know when my mattress is arriving?

Once the merchandise has arrived at our facility, our white glove service will contact you to schedule delivery.

How long will it take for my mattress to be delivered to me?

After a delivery date is selected, the day before delivery a 4-hour window will be given in which your mattress will be delivered.

Will I be notified if my order is delayed?

We know things happen beyond our control, delays, weather, or unforeseen circumstances. Rest assure we will keep you abreast of any delays and we are always here to assist.


Will I be notified of when the mattress is being delivered?

The day before your delivery, you will be contacted and provided with a time window up to 4 hours, so you may prepare for the delivery.


While I am given a 4-hour window, will I be contacted close to delivery time within those 4 hours?

On the day of delivery, you will be contacted approximately 20-30 minutes prior to the delivery team arrival to let you know that we are on the way. We respect your time and we find this process minimizes the time you need to take out of your busy day to accept your delivery.


Once my delivery arrives, do I need to be present?

An adult 18 years or older should be present to inspect the merchandise and sign for the delivery.


Is there anything I need to do to make the delivery process easier?

A clear path should be made for the delivery team to walk to the room of your choosing. Any pictures or wall hangings that could be at risk should be removed from the walls. Also keep in mind, we are unable to move existing furniture to accomplish the new merchandise placement.


What if I notice damage on the mattress when it is being delivered?

Please carefully inspect your merchandise before our delivery personnel leaves your home. It is essential that you indicate any damage to the packaging or items on the delivery receipt. If the mattress shows any damage, we will handle accordingly.


What if I wish for my old mattress to be removed when the new one arrives?

In cases where a mattress removal is elected, please let the delivery team know this when they first arrive. Please note in cases where mattresses are heavily soiled or contaminated, drivers reserve the right to refuse to take mattress removals.