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At Elegant Strand, we seek to help you create lovely spaces that offer unparalleled comfort. Beautifully appoint your home with our designer bedding, matchless décor, sumptuous towels, premium mattresses, luxurious pillows and gorgeous lighting to create a haven filled with incomparable beauty.

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We have circled the globe seeking inspiration for our industry-leading bedding products.

Elegant Strand was created to give our customers access to the finest bedding products in the world. Our beautiful, luxurious, couture-inspired linens are defined by their classic, tailored look, superior craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort.

What it takes to build a luxury brand.

You start with the philosophy of using the finest materials, exquisite craftmanship and attention to detail. Notice I did not mention cost or price. Those two elements should not be a factor in creating the best of the best. Most companies create an item to fit their profit margins or a specific MSRP and reverse engineer the materials and manufacturing to fit those numbers, thus sacrificing quality and compromising the integrity to produce the best product available. At Elegant Strand, we source the finest materials, the best artisans and do it at a fair price for the consumer and the company. We do not get entangled with the cost vs. margin debate. We create and build from the ground up the finest luxury products in the world and do so with the most efficient supply chain management. We prefer to allow all of our money to go into our products and not the middlemen, box store expenses, commissions, etc. This provides the best product at a fair price to the consumer. There is no need to cut corners or provide inferior service, the customer will appreciate and cherish products that are worth the price they pay for them as long as there is honesty and integrity in your reputation of delivering luxury and quality at a fair value.

Mother of Pearl Finishes

At Elegant Strand, meticulous craftsmanship and careful thought are put into every detail of every product. Mother of pearl buttons, unmatched fabric and fine finishes mean every item offers both timeless beauty and ultimate comfort. When you select this beautiful bedding for your home, you ensure that you will enjoy a serene sleep space featuring stunning bedding that has been crafted with luxury materials and remarkable details that are the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Hand-Guided Embroidery

Many Elegant Strand luxury bedding products feature hand-guided embroidery accents, a striking and prominent detail that adds elegance and splendor to our beautiful bedding collections. These noteworthy finishes lend an air of sophistication and grace to any sleep space, creating a refined yet cozy place for the linen connoisseur to sleep peacefully.

Italian-Inspired Design and Craftsmanship

We gain our inspiration from Italian artisans known for their strong traditions, outstanding creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Elegant Strand crafts superior bedding products that are beautiful, luxurious and timeless. We partner with teams of skilled artisans to create thoughtfully-designed bedding products that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but that evoke the character of the places that inspire us.

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