Elegant Strand Towels


  • Pillow in pillow design for ultimate support & comfort
  • Down filled outer pillow surrounding a feather filled inner pillow
  • Adjustable to fit any sleeping position
  • Handcrafted in Italy

When we decided to add sleeping pillows to Elegant Strand’s offerings, we naturally wanted to create the best ones possible. So we started by testing different pillows already on the market. Those pillows were either too hard or too soft—a bit like Goldilocks—but they were also rubbery or mushy or bumpy. It was hard to imagine getting a good night’s sleep on any of those uncomfortable pillows.

That subpar performance was a result of the pillows’ construction. Materials such as polyester or foam balls are often used as a cheaper alternative to down. The resulting pillows may be affordable, but you often get what you pay for. As a result of this testing, we understood that creating the right sleeping pillow hinged on impeccable construction. That’s why we developed our signature “pillow within a pillow” design. Elegant Strand pillows boast an inner pillow made of soft, lightweight feathers and that’s surrounded by an outer pillow crafted with down. The pillow is then encased in a smooth 190 thread count cotton fabric.

This ingenious design is the gold standard for comfort. Lightweight materials give our sleeping pillows superior breathability. And unlike foam, they stay cool throughout the night. The combination of feathers and down gives our pillows an extravagant softness with the right amount of firmness to cradle your head and neck with proper support. Plus, these pillows work well for any sleeping position. Finally, Elegant Strand pillows are easy to care for, and they don’t lose their softness or structure after washing.

Every Elegant Strand sleeping pillow is made in Italy with the skilled craftsmanship that country is known for. I know our pillows—and our prices—will impress you. If you don’t agree, you can return your pillow, free of charge.

Mark Lorberbaum

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St. Moritz Duvet Cover ST. MORITZ DUVET COVER

Five-star style and luxury make the St. Moritz one of our best sellers. This classic white duvet cover fits beautifully in any bedroom, pairing well with our premium sheet sets. The St. Moritz collection showcases exceptional craftsmanship, with 100% cotton used for a silky soft sateen that results in the ultimate soft white duvet cover. Enjoy a good night’s sleep curled up in the sumptuous St. Moritz.

$140 $98 - $231 Select options
Monte Carlo Banded Duvet Cover | Luxury Bedding Monte Carlo Duvet Graphite

Bold design and minimalist neutrals combine in this one-of-a-kind white and beige duvet cover. We start with our 100% cotton, proprietary Euro-Weave fabric that combines the best attributes of percale and sateen. Then we add yarn-dyed bands, with three neutral tones to choose from. We put a unique twist on the classic white duvet cover with piping and a striped design that transforms the Monte Carlo into something extraordinary.

$170 $119 - $147 Select options

Design artistry shines in our Saint-Tropez white embroidered duvet cover. Hand-guided, satin-stitch embroidery forms a graceful chain-link pattern on the front of the duvet cover for an impeccable finish. The 100% white cotton sateen creates an inviting, cloud-like softness. This embroidered duvet cover is tasteful and timeless, a true classic that complements any design style.

$300 $210 - $245 Select options
St Moritz Fitted Sheet

Feel the beauty of five-star, luxury style with our best-selling St. Moritz fitted sheet. The ultimate all-white bedding that every home should have, the St. Moritz collection is made with an exceptionally smooth, silky and sumptuously soft sateen crafted from 100% cotton. Discover timeless elegance and exquisite comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.

$70 $49 - $105 Select options
St Tropez Fitted Sheet

Set the stage for an incredible night of sleep with the Saint-Tropez. Our white fitted sheet has been precision engineered to be both sumptuously soft and perfectly strong—and it only gets better over time, thanks to the highest-quality cotton. When you invest in luxury sheets, you only want the best. The Saint-Tropez 100% cotton fitted sheet is the best of the best.

$120 $84 - $105 Select options
Florence Fitted Sheet Limestone Florence Fitted Sheet Graphite

Silky soft and smooth, the Florence fitted sheet is an understated yet sophisticated foundation to your bedding set. Crafted from our proprietary Euro-Weave, this 100% cotton bedding combines the finest characteristics of Sateen and Percale for a luxurious finish that resists the test of time. Feel the elegance of beautiful sheets for a better night’s sleep.

$70 $18 - $20 Select options
St Moritz Flat Sheet

Feel the beauty of five-star, luxury style with our best-selling St. Moritz flat sheet. The ultimate all-white bedding that every home should have, the St. Moritz collection is made with an exceptionally smooth, silky and sumptuously soft sateen crafted from 100% cotton sateen.. Discover timeless elegance and exquisite comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.

$70 $49 - $126 Select options
St Tropez Flatsheet Blue Silver St Tropez Flat Sheet Champagne

An exquisite attention to detail makes the Saint-Tropez the definitive luxury flat sheet

Graceful satin-stitch embroidery forms a delightful chain-link pattern on this pristine, cotton sateen white flat sheet. Savor a restful night of sleep on a soft, silky embroidered flat sheet that captures the understated sophistication of Southern French décor.

$160 $112 - $133 Select options

The Capri collection is as elegant and lovely as its namesake Italian paradise. The white embroidered duvet cover features breathtaking design and exquisite tailoring. Flowing lines of hand-guided embroidery form an intricate pattern notable for its grace and beauty. The duvet cover gets its sumptuous softness from our proprietary Euro-Weave fabric that is a magical cross between sateen and percale. 

$170 $119 - $140 Select options
Capri Flat Sheet Pumice Capri Flatsheet

The Capri Collection’s embroidered flat sheet embodies European elegance and world-class style. Flowing, interlaced lines of embroidery create a dreamy pattern against our white flat sheet. We use proprietary Euro-Weave fabric that combines the best of sateen and percale for luxury flat sheets of sumptuous softness. Enjoy the exquisite comfort of this high-quality cotton flat sheet. 

$90 $63 - $77 Select options
Portofino Flatsheet Graphite PORTOFINO FLAT SHEET graphite

The Portofino’s signature pinstripe pattern enhances this 100% cotton flat sheet. The breathable fabric feels cool and comfortable all night long for superior quality of sleep. The Portofino striped linens, including our flat sheet, come in 3 neutral tones that harmonize beautifully with any modern, minimalist décor. 

$190 $48 - $50 Select options
Monte Carlo Flatsheey Graphite Monte Carlo Banded Flat Sheet_Graphite

Make a powerful design statement with the Monte Carlo sateen fitted sheet. A bold band of color contrasts beautifully against the clean, crisp white of our 100% cotton flat sheet. The sheets are available in 3 neutral tones that lend sophistication to any modern bedroom design. We use proprietary Euro-Weave fabric that combines the finest characteristics of percale and sateen for a flat sheet boasting incredible style and comfort.

$90 $63 - $77 Select options

Surround yourself with elegance while you sleep in our luxurious Florence bedding. This EuroWeave flat sheet is silky smooth and feels wonderful against your skin to promote a better night’s sleep. Our 100% cotton flat sheet uses proprietary Euro-Weave fabric that combines the finest characteristics of sateen and percale for a sumptuous look and feel. The Florence Collection comes in 3 subtle tonal hues, which add a refined, sophisticated sensibility to your bedroom. 

$90 $23 - $28 Select options
Portofino Fitted Sheet

The Portofino fitted sheet is beautifully crafted from a crisp, white, 100% cotton. The breathable fabric sleeps cool and feels smooth for superior comfort and the sleep dreams are made of.

$180 $45 - $53 Select options
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The Perfetto Mattress is an ultra-luxury memory foam mattress handcrafted by Italian artisans. Designed for back or side-sleepers, targeted zoned support inserts help maintain the natural curve of the spine. The Perfetto’s varying foam pockets in the center layer regulate temperature, keeping you cool and providing the perfect night of restorative sleep.

$3,200 $2,560 - $2,560 Select options