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Standard Bed Sheet Sizes: A Complete Guide

The other measurement included for fitted sheet size is depth. Because mattresses are made in standard sizes but vary in thickness, fitted sheets use a measurement that flat sheets don’t.

It‚Äôs called ‚Äúpocket depth,‚ÄĚ and it ensures a snug fit with mattresses that have standard, deep, and extra deep thickness.

Keep in mind that beds with mattress toppers and pillow-tops will likely need a deep pocket or extra deep pocket fitted sheets. 

Fitted Sheet Pocket Depths:

  • Standard pocket:¬†7‚Ä≥ to 9‚Ä≥ deep
  • Deep pocket:¬†10‚Ä≥ to 13‚Ä≥ deep
  • Extra deep pocket:¬†14‚Ä≥ to 22‚Ä≥ deep


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