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Top Home Improvement Projects in 2021

In the past year and a half, those home projects you’ve been putting off have probably gone to the top of your to-do list. If you’ve been spending more time at home than ever before, you may have noticed the bathroom fixtures that need updating, or the living room color scheme needs some pizazz or it’s finally time to do something about those outdated kitchen cupboards. 

You‚Äôre not alone if you‚Äôre ready to tackle some home improvement projects. One¬†survey¬†found that 76% of the respondents completed at least one renovation project in 2020, during the pandemic. And not every project requires major effort‚ÄĒor major budgets. You can make strategic improvements that change the look of your home without a lot of time, toil or money. And with the Internet‚Äôs design resources, there‚Äôs plenty of inspiration at your fingertips. So perhaps the first question is: Where do you start?


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About the Author: Alan Weiner is COO of Elegant Strand and an expert in the luxury home décor space who works with many interior designers in their trade program to incorporate designer bedding and décor throughout Florida and the US.