Understanding Sateen and Percale Weaves

Understanding Sateen and Percale Weaves


Investing in a great mattress is important because quality sleep is essential for being your best self at work and play throughout the day, but let’s not forget the sheets! Quality sheets that are strong, smooth, soft and undeniably comfortable definitely improve the sleeping experience. Although more expensive, the investment is worth it in the long run as good sheets last for years. 

The market is flooded with a variety of luxury bed sheets that can make the buying process confusing at times; from thread count to weave, what does it all mean? Click here to read about twice combed cotton and why it matters, or read on to find out more about the difference between Percale and Sateen.

Whether Percale or Sateen, all of Elegant Strand’s bedding is made using ultra-fine cotton with long-staple fibers that are twice-combed and ring spun into silk-like fine yarns. How we weave those silk-like yarns results in Percale, Sateen or our proprietary Euro-weave found in the Monte Carlo, Portofino, Florence and Capri collections.

Luxurious Sheet Set Capri Collection


Percale is made with plain weave, which means that the yarn goes one-under and one-over. The end result is a matte finish that is crisp and lightweight. Percale weave makes sheets that are great all year round, but many people choose Percale sheets in the summer months when the mercury rises because it’s cool to the touch and ultra-breathable.


Sateen sheets feature more of a lustrous, satin-like finish with a slight sheen; The weave is made with four yarns over and one yarn under, and the result is the shimmering quality and soft drape of satin with the strength and durability of premium cotton. Sateen is tightly woven and has the added benefit of being wrinkle resistant. Sateen is also slightly heavier than Percale and supremely comfortable no matter what season.

Introducing Euroweave

Euroweave is our proprietary weave that is made by combining the best characteristics of Percale and Sateen weaves, merging them to create a pill-resistant fabric that has an exceptional, buttery-soft feel and is strong enough to resist tears and snags. Our Portofino, Florence, Capri and Monte Carlo collections are made with Euroweave.