New Arrivals from Elegant Strand

New Arrivals from Elegant Strand

A new year brings exciting new possibilities and the feeling of change is in the air. If you’re ready to reinvigorate your interior design, now is the perfect time. Elegant Stand introduces its 2021 collection of new arrivals that can transform your home. 

Switching out your lamps, adding rugs in your rooms or investing in a statement piece of art can have a major impact on the look and feel of your home’s aesthetic. Even something as simple as a new decorative pillow can add a dash of sophistication that changes your room’s style. Here is a look at some of the new product releases we’ve created to bring elegance and élan to your home. 


Elegant Strand’s rug collection features floor coverings made from fine materials for maximum durability. They’re comfortable while serving as an integral part of your room’s design as they bring in elements of color and texture. 

Our new product releases for 2021 include the Catalyst. This lovely, abstract-patterned area rug comes in neutral tones such as ivory and silver. Plus, it is stain resistant, so its beauty is only matched by its durability.

We’re also offering the new Marlowe rug. It has a retro flair, thanks to its plush shag texture. The neutral color palette makes it a welcome addition to any room. This holds especially true for those with a minimalist decor style; the shag adds a unique textural accent. 


The artwork you choose for your home makes a major design statement—it doesn’t just mesh with your interior design style; it also speaks to your overall aesthetic and sense of taste. You want a piece of art that gives you joy when you look at it. Elegant Strand offers a curated collection of artwork for your home that elevates it beyond the everyday to something extraordinary. 

We’re proud to feature works by two talented artists in our new collection: Carol Benson-Cobb and Jinlu. Their works are striking and singular in their distinctive beauty, with thoughtful attention to composition and color. For instance, Benson-Cobb’s “Simpatico” is an abstract take on a landscape with the cool shades of the ocean on a winter’s day, encased in a sleek acrylic box. In Jinlu’s “Open Waters,” winter has transformed into spring and streams come back to bubbling life.


Lighting is integral to creating a warm and welcoming environment. There are many ways to devise a lighting scheme for your home—chandeliers, pendant lamps, floor lamps and sconces, to name a few—but table tamps help create a direct, inviting glow in certain areas of your room. The best table lamps have an elegant look for added visual interest.

Our lamps are designed with high-end materials and created with an eye to sculptural lines and details. The new Sapphire and Silver Glaze Table Lamp drape a glass lamp in gorgeous shades of blue, silver, gold and bronze paint. The sinuous shape of the Amorphous Nickel Table Lamp is crowned by a crisp linen-cotton shade, while the Teal and Gold Wash Table Lamp is alight with its soft metallic finish. The colors and shapes found in our new lamps make them wonderful conversation pieces that light up your home. 


Our decorative objects are among the highlights of our collection of new arrival items. Elegant Strand is known for its refined home decor accessories, and our 2021 offerings are no exception. 

Take, for example, our Curling Leaf in Nickel. Its graceful, flowing lines make for an eye-catching display on a wall or on a table. Enhance the loveliness of a floral arrangement with our Geometric Etched Aluminum Vase and its intricate gold and black design. Also available in solid nickel, this vase is handmade and no two are alike. 

Our Crinkle Swoosh Sculpture in Brass marries the contemporary and the traditional. With its white marble base, antique brass and organic freeform design, the White Tigera Bowl’s tonal stripes give this exceptionally crafted glass bowl a clean, modern feel. And our Set of Two Ribbed Jars in a gleaming, textured aluminum have been made with artisanal techniques to create unique works of art.


Elegant Strand decorative pillows have stylish flair, thanks to high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Subtle, understated patterns combine with luxurious colors in a soothing spectrum of blues, such as the Velvet Geo pillow in turquoise or the Sumatra Dot in lagoon. Mix in pillows with different shapes, like the Olifant Lumbar in a chic azure blue. Use our decorative pillows to create a whole new space in your home.


It’s a new year. Give your home a new look to match. Explore our latest in home decor. Visit Elegant Strand and shop the new arrivals and our entire collection today.