Interior Design Trends to Follow This Summer

Interior Design Trends to Follow This Summer

Trends in interior design are ever-changing. While some home décor concepts remain timeless, each season there are new design trends that show up, offering fresh new options to enhance and beautify spaces within the home.  Take a closer look at some of the trends that are hot this summer:

Earth tones: Soothing grey tones, warm tan hues, vibrant olive green, unusual burnt sienna, bold mustard and other earth-inspired shades are popping up this summer again and again in bedrooms, living spaces, dining areas and more.  Echoing nature, these tones are calming and fit well with any décor or style. Add some pop by adding some accent pieces to your home that feature these rich colors.

Metallic accents: Muted brushed nickel, shiny and classic brass, dark oil-rubbed bronze and glistening chrome lend a modern and clean look to any décor.  Often found in kitchens and bathrooms but also frequently seen in living and sleeping spaces, metallic elements can blend well with any look, and add a bit of contrast and sparkle to any space.

Multi-functional spaces: Now more than ever, people are spending a lot of time at home and need the spaces within their home to work for them. A bedroom or living room may also contain a work-from-home space.  A home office may also hold a piece of workout equipment. A living room or child’s bedroom may have a corner dedicated to child’s toys or a school study space.  Allow your space to work for the needs of those in your home, combining uses as needed and separating spaces with dividers, curtains or shelving. Be careful not to over crowd rooms. With a little careful thought and planning, multi-use rooms can be both useful and beautiful.

Natural elements: In additional nature-inspired paint and décor colors, outdoor elements are popping up in home in other ways including the use of bold floral wallpaper, the addition of profusions of living plants, bathrooms that feature striking cement vanities, and lamps that showcase natural stone accents. Backsplashes and wallcoverings are may also feature unexpected textures such as stone, wood or other nature-inspired materials. Bring the outside in with this popular design trend.

Layers and texture:  By carefully mixing patterns, you can create a bold yet personalized look in any space. Unusual and richly-textured wicker and rattan furniture or accent tables can blend seamlessly in any room decor.  When accessorizing a room, layer textures and decorative elements in a way that is beautiful to you. Add baskets and combine unique textures to suit both the room’s function and your personal taste.

Blue: Blue wall paint or blue decorative items could fall under the earth-inspired tones category listed above, but this year, blue deserves its own mention.  Navy blue walls and accents are especially trendy this summer, and all shades of blue have been featured in decorative styles of all types. Looking to add a little update to a room? Add some richly-hued blue decorative items, a toss pillow, a cozy throw or other blue items for an instant update.

When creating a living or sleeping space within your home, it’s important to select items and colors that are beautiful to you.  If you want to convey a modern, cutting-edge feel, add a few trendy pieces, colors or concepts that are hot this season. With just a few simple changes, you can reflect the current trends while staying true to your own sense of style.

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