How to care for your luxury bedding

How to care for your luxury bedding

Creating a beautiful and serene sleep space means combining luxurious bedding, striking lighting and carefully-selected accessories to establish a space that is restful, yet showcases your personality and tastes.  But after you collect all of these items, do you know how to properly care for that gorgeous bedding to ensure that it remains beautiful for years to come? High-quality, luxury bedding requires different care, treatment and storage than lower-priced, lower-quality bedding options.

Washing:  It is important to wash sheets and other items like duvet covers separately.  Duvet covers often feature zippers, button closures or other fasteners that may snag sheets and cause damage to fine fabric. Be careful when treating stains and obvious soil.  To minimize staining, remove makeup before bed to reduce the possibility of stains on pillowcases.  When spot treating stains, do so carefully. Always follow laundering or cleaning instructions that accompany your linens for best direction for your specific products. Generally speaking, it’s best to wash sheets and pillowcases one per week in warm or cool water. Although you might be tempted to use hot water for a thorough clean, refrain. Hot water can shrink or damage fine linens.  Instead, to clean and sanitize, use a non-chlorine bleach or gentle detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach, as it will reduce the life of your linens by weakening fibers.

Drying: Always carefully check label instructions for your particular product, but most luxury sheets should be dried until almost dry, then finished by line drying for best results, fewer wrinkles and an amazing, fresh scent. Shake your sheets out before hanging them to dry in order to minimize wrinkles and ensure thorough drying. Drying your sheets in the sun is fine, but be care to minimize prolonged exposure, as sunlight can cause fading.

Ironing (or not): Ironing will improve the appearance and feel of your sheets, but it isn’t totally necessary.  If you do choose to iron, be sure to use the correct temperature for the material your sheets are crafted from. Linen requires very hot iron temperatures to erase wrinkles, cotton wrinkles will release on a medium iron setting and delicate and smooth silk sheets require low iron heat to reduce the risk of scorching. Monogrammed sheets or sheets with embroidery embellishments should be ironed on the reverse side for best results.

Storage: Store all sheets and other luxury linens neatly folded and flat in a closet away from direct sunlight, which can cause fading. Resist storing linens in an air-tight container. Fabrics need air circulation to prevent mustiness and mildew.

What about pillows? Pillows require special care.  Always follow tag or label instructions.  Decorative pillows are often spot clean only.  Bed pillow cleaning instructions vary widely, depending on the construction of the pillow and the materials it contains.  Some pillow are dry clean only, but others can be laundered using a small amount of detergent and cool or warm water on a gentle wash setting. Spin gently to remove as much water as possible, and dry in the dryer completely on a low setting before using. Due to the construction of pillows, this drying process can take several hours.

A word about comforters, duvets and other bed coverings: Cleaning these items once every several years is recommended, and this cleaning should be conducted by professionals. Home washing machines simply aren’t designed to do the job correctly. It is important to remember not to clean them too often, because this can lead to premature wear and tear. Shake out your comforter or duvet weekly to keep down or other filling from bunching up, and air your comforter or duvet as your schedule allows to keep it smelling fresh. Most blankets and quilts can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in a home machine, but may take quite some time to dry.  If you are unsure about care for a delicate item or an item with extra appliques or details, contact your local dry cleaner for guidance.

Carefully-selected bedding can enhance your sleep space and provide a cozy place for you to drift into sweet slumber. And correct cleaning and care will keep your bedding in top condition for a long time. Wonderful sheets can be combined with luxury pillows, a fabulous mattress and a classic duvet to create a comfortable sleep space that provides a place for restorative sleep.  Invest in the best mattress, sheets and bedding that you can afford. Choose materials, textures and colors that are beautiful and comfortable to you.  Consider the fabric of your sheets and pillowcases and also your duvet.  Careful attention to detail will create a luxury bedding collection that you will cherish for years to come.

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