7 Reasons To Love White Bedding

7 Reasons To Love White Bedding

The serene minimalism of white bedding is so inviting. At Elegant Strand we believe luxurious white bedding is chic, versatile and easy to maintain. White sheets are to the bedroom what the little black dress is to a woman’s wardrobe, a timeless classic that goes with everything. Are you already committed to decking your bed from top to bottom in pristine, white sheets or do you shy away from the all-white look? We’re not saying your bedding set shouldn’t include a pop of color, but here are the top 7 reasons for our love affair with white bedlinens.


1: White bedlinens work with ANY bedroom décor.


Truly, they work with any room, any style, and they pair with all colors. Whether you’re into eclectic, exotic, modern or country cottage, white linens fit right in and look beautiful.


2: White sheets are easy to accessorize.


Our St. Moritz bedding by itself is crisp and pristine, yet luxuriously soft and beautiful, however, you can mix things up by adding a colorful throw and bright cushions. Keep your favorite bedding set while you create completely new looks each season by playing with different colors and textures for shams, cushions, blankets, throws and rugs.


3: White bedding is effortless.


Luxurious white bedding can be left a bit disheveled but still look great when you run out in the morning. There’s something about the sheen of the Saint-Tropez Collection’s luxurious, white sateen, or the crisp, clean quality of the Capri Collection’s Euro-Weave that is effortlessly stylish no matter what! Whether you smooth out your white cotton covers or leave them turned down with a casually draped blanket across the corner of the bed, the effect is always picture-perfect.


4: White is perfect for mixing and matching.


Pair your white flat sheet and pillowcases with a duvet cover, fitted sheet and extra pillowcases in another hue, or keep the white duvet cover and change out the other items. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of color combinations you can experiment with because white literally goes with everything. If the rest of your bedroom décor is neutral, this is a fun and inexpensive way to frequently change the look of your room.


5: White is serene (and may be conducive to a more restful sleep.)


White has a peaceful, calming effect on the mood of a room and this works wonders for reducing stress levels. Lower stress levels naturally mean better sleep. Sleep expert, Dr. Sabrina Magid-Katz, has theorized that there may also be a placebo effect when white sheets remind us of happy, relaxed hotel vacations. “Anything that allows you to associate your bedroom with relaxation can help your sleep routine,” she tells SheKnows. “If white sheets remind you of your favorite hotel — since most hotels have white sheets — and encourage you to relax, then by all means, go for it.”


6: A white bed brightens a dark room and makes a room feel less cluttered.


The bed is the most prominent feature of any bedroom. If the bed features crisp, clean white bedding the effect is automatically less cluttered, especially if a room is on the small side. White bedding also reflects the light which brightens and transforms a bedroom that isn’t blessed with an abundance of natural daylight.


7: White balances the masculine and feminine.


White sheets are like a white flag of peace when a couple need to find a balance between the feminine and masculine for their bedroom décor.