How to Care for Your Duvet Cover

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Well-appointed bedrooms feature beautiful furnishings, soothing lighting, plush pillows and a comfortable bed dressed in fine linens, cozy blankets, a quilted coverlets and a dreamy duvet. Our duvet cover collection not only add warmth to a bed, the timeless style also conveys spa-like serenity and upscale-hotel luxury in any sleep space.

The Inner Workings of a Duvet and Cover 

Simply put, a duvet cover functions in a similar fashion to a pillow case covering a pillow. Duvet cover acts as a large fabric envelope, surrounding the puffy duvet on a bed.  Some duvet covers are fastened with a zipper, snaps, fabric ties or buttons. Duvet covers come in a variety of fabrics, colors and designs. From classic white, to bold patterns to muted-yet-classy hues, duvet covers are a simple way to change the look in your bedroom. Covers made of lighter fabrics add an airy coolness in warmer months, and thicker, cozier fabrics add warmth during cold nights. A bed covered with a duvet expresses simple elegance, matchless luxury and ultimate comfort.

After carefully collecting items to create your perfect sleep space, it is important to keep your bed linens in excellent condition so they will provide you with sweet dreams for years to come. Don’t be intimidated by duvet and duvet cover care. A few simple steps will keep your pieces neat and fresh for years to come.

Duvet Cover Care Tips

Duvet covers can be made from a variety of materials including linen, cotton, silk, polyester or other synthetic fabrics.  Be sure to note instructions on the care label of your product, especially for your white duvet cover. The frequency of laundering or dry cleaning and the type of cleaning of your product will depend on the materials from which your duvet is crafted. Linen may be machine or hand washed and should be carefully dried on low heat or line dried. Cotton may be machine washed in cold or warm water.  Warmer water reduces allergens, but cold water preserves bold colors on linens, so wash accordingly. Cotton pieces may be tumble dried on a low setting. Silk pieces should always be dry cleaned. Most polyester and synthetic pieces may be washed on cool or warm. Consider a delicate cycle if fabric seems prone to snagging. Tumble dry synthetic materials on low heat.

In order to reduce allergens and keep your bed fresh, many suggest washing bedding, coverings and duvet covers weekly. Remember to re-fasten snaps, buttons or ties before washing to avoid damage during the wash cycle. For washable pieces, use a gentle detergent that is safe for all fabric types. Pre-treat any stains with a fabric stain remover before laundering, and ensure stains are gone before popping the piece into the dryer.

A Word About the Duvet Itself

The inner duvet may be cleaned much less frequently than the duvet cover, but it is important to remember to give your duvet a good shake every morning. This is important no matter if your duvet is filled with down, feathers, silk, wool or synthetic material.  Duvet fillings tend to settle, and regular fluffing ensures that stuffing is evenly distributed. This makes for even warmth and consistent coverage while sleeping and ensures that your bed doesn’t look lumpy or awkward after the duvet is smoothed over the top.

Generally speaking, duvets can be laundered in large, commercial washing machines, but check your piece for specific instructions. Make sure that your duvet is completely dry before returning it to the duvet cover and putting it back on your bed. If you keep your duvet inside a duvet cover, it should stay fresh and clean for many months, so washings do not need to be too frequent.

Don’t let the thought of caring for a duvet and duvet cover keep you from using these beautiful pieces on your bed. Duvets are comfortable and cozy, yet elegant and timeless.  Investing in quality bedding pieces not only creates and unforgettable and stylish look in your sleep space, it also ensures that you’ll enjoy matchless and comfort and maybe even some sweet dreams.

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