How to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Spring signifies revival and rebirth, a casting off of the old and an embrace of the vibrant and new. That change often translates into a flurry of cleaning. This season is also an ideal opportunity to be purposeful about decorating your home for spring. 

The right choice of fabrics, colors, accessories and more brings the freshness of spring to your home. It doesn’t involve a huge amount of cash or labor; there’s no need to redesign your interiors. Instead, use thoughtful touches that cast your rooms in a whole new light. Try some of the following spring decorating ideas to capture the beauty of the season in your home. 

Add Color

You can add dashes of spring color, even if a neutral palette dominates your interior design. Incorporate bold hues inspired by spring flowers‚ÄĒgolds, purples, greens or oranges‚ÄĒor opt for more subtle, pastel-like hues such as blush pink or sky blue. Wondering where to start? Take a cue from Pantone‚Äôs Colors of the Year 2021 and match dove gray with a dazzling yellow.¬†¬†

It’s simple to add color to a space. Paint a focal point wall in your living room for dramatic impact. Alternatively, add pops of color by switching out your decorative throw pillows or blankets or purchasing a set of dishes in bright hues that add zing to your table setting. Even the simplest spring decor, such as a lovely bowl or glass lamp, can transform your home. 

Go Back to Nature

There's so much to love about spring‚ÄĒtake a look at the blooming wildflowers and blossoming trees, and it‚Äôs easy to see why it‚Äôs called ‚Äúthe great outdoors.‚ÄĚ

One of the loveliest ways to bring spring’s bounty indoors is the use of fresh flowers. Start with a sculptural vase in an interesting shape or material. Then find seasonal blooms at your farmer’s market or your own backyard. Cut the stems and strip off leaves that would be hidden by the vase, and change out the water in the vase every two to three days to lengthen the life of your flower arrangement. 

If you don’t have a green thumb, purchase well-made faux flowers (such as silk blossoms) or greenery to get the look of fresh spring flowers without the upkeep. Another option: introduce natural materials such as woven baskets, a wicker chair or a decorative sculpture crafted from a natural metal such as nickel. 

interior of a home for spring with a grey chair and table lamp

Change Your Curtains

Plush velvet draperies make a bold statement, but they may feel too heavy for spring. Let more light into your rooms as the days grow longer. You’ll have spaces suffused with warmth. 

Use this opportunity to take down your heavy draperies and have them dry cleaned. In their stead, put up sheers that gently diffuse sunlight. Pair them with lightweight outer drapes or roller shades if you need more privacy than sheer fabric allows.

Change Your Bedding

You want to wrap yourself in warmth during winter, so you’ve probably layered your bed with extra blankets and heavyweight sheets. Warmer months, however, call for bedding that keeps you cool and comfortable so that you don’t toss and turn in the middle of the night because you’re overheated. 

Launder your winter blankets and put them in storage for the spring and summer, ideally in a cotton bag to keep them dust free. Invest in a high-quality sheet set made of a fabric such as Egyptian cotton, which offers excellent breathability and luxurious softness. 

Don’t forget to add your bed to the list of spring cleaning chores. This is a great time to clean your mattress, pillows and duvet cover to reduce allergens and ensure your bedding is spring fresh. 

white bedding with a quilted coverlet and shams

Enhance Your Interior’s Scent-ual Appeal

The popularity of home scents is on the rise, with many different products to choose from: candles, wax burners, reed and essential oil diffusers and room sprays among them. Unsurprisingly, there are just as many types of aromas to choose from. You can add a spring-like note to your home with your choice of scent. 

In winter, people tend to favor holiday or homey fragrances, such as pine, cinnamon, clove and pumpkin spice. Lighter, brighter scents connote the liveliness of spring. Try lemon, rose, gardenia, jasmine, bergamot, basil or sandalwood. 

Find Pieces That Bring You Joy

Spring is a joyous time where every day should be savored for the beauty it brings. When selecting spring home decor, look for pieces that make you smile and place them in a perfect spot in your home. 

Do you adore spring flowers? Find an oil painting that captures their vibrancy, and it will gladden your heart every time you look at it. Tie your room together with a gorgeous rug that adds lovely pattern and color along with plush texture. Grace your coffee table with an artisanal decorative bowl that speaks of fine taste and craftsmanship. These special touches bring true delight.

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